Bricks + Mortar

The Hen House - Nottinghamshire

Hay Deli - Hay on Wye

Body Fodder - Hereford

The Onion Barge - London

Pengethly Farm Shop - Ross on Wye

Nest Vintage Living - Cardiff

Eaton&timlin - Wirral

The Zero Waste Shop - Totnes

Charlottes Cupboard - Burgess Hill

Replenish - Weston Super Mare

Zero Green - Bristol

Eco Store - Chepstow

Waste Not Want Not - Bridport

Ripe - Ulverston, Lake District

Preserve Foods - Bristol

The Eco Shed - Hull

Hampstead Norreys Community Shop - Hampstead Norreys

Lews Map Store - Lews, Cornwall

Pwys - Swansea

Apothe-cary - Castle Cary


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