Alcohol Cleaning Spray

Our Home Made Multi Purpose Cleaner

Great for removing stains on clothes or surfaces


1000g water

200g soap (we use 100% coconut oil soap)

200g washing soda (sodium carbonate)

200g borax substitute (Sodium Sesquicarbonate)


Grate the soap and add to warm water stir untill dissolved and then add the sodium sesquicarbonate and sodium carbonate, stirring again until dissolved. Leave overnight

When mixture is completely cool and gelled, use the stick blender to emulsify, making sure to get the bottom of the pot where some of your sodium sesquicarbonate may have settled.

Blend until the soap is the consistency of thick, creamy mayonnaise all the way through and all clumps are gone.

Now you can add any Essential Oils that you'd like but it works just fine without them

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Our Home Made Kitchen Cleaner

This is our go to, multipurpose wonder spray and it's so simple to make.


1 x 500ml spray bottle

250ml distilled water

250ml isopropyl alcohol

10 drops of essential oil (for cleaning purposes you may want to go for citrus blends)


Put your ingredients into your spray bottle, give it a shake to mix them and away you go.

This solution is fantastic as a surface disinfectant and cleaner, so around the kitchen, kitchen work tops, kitchen table, babies high chair, mirrors, windows, chrome bathroom fittings.

We're sure you'll find many more uses than listed here, let us know what you use yours for..

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Julie Ward