Oil Cleansing

What is oil Cleansing and why do we love it?

We love the Oil Cleaning Method because it cleans the skin without stripping it of its natural oil. Most commercial cleansers contain alcohol, which can dry the face and strip it of its natural oils, causing our skin to overcompensate. This plays havoc with your skin's sebum production, and can cause overly greasy, problematic and acneic skin.  

To Oil Cleanse. we massage clean, natural oils into the face in an outward motion. You don’t need to wash with soap before you do this, the oil will take care of everything. By working the oil into the skin in circular motions, always moving outwards to the corners of the face, the oil dissolves dirt, old make-up and dead skin cells, allowing you to either wash or wipe them away with a warm cloth.  

It works on the basis that ‘like dissolves like’ - the clean oils we apply mix with the dirty oils in our skin, binding to them and drawing them out. The clean oils left on the face maintain the skins moisture, help to balance the skins PH and normal sebum production and provide a host of different botanical benefits, depending on which oil you use . So cleansing with natural oil feeds our skin the essential vitamins and nutrients present in the oils, whilst also riding it of daily dirt and build up. 

Essential oils also have a role to play; most oil cleansers contain them, and this isn't just because of the lovely smell! Almost all essential oils have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. So while the base cleanser oils dissolve the dirty oils in our skin, the essential oils are getting to work on cleaning the dirt that builds up on our face throughout the day. 

Of course, it's not all about the oils on their own. It’s not surprising that the massaging process helps to dislodge dead skin, dirt and blocked pores. Massaging the face also stimulates the muscles, increases blood flow, decongests the sinus’ and reduces puffiness. In this way facial massages can help to give the skin a fresh glow, at the same time as providing a moment for you to relax and indulge in a little self-care.  

We all live such busy, hectic lives that it’s easy to forget to give ourselves that extra bit of self-love. The oil cleansing method is a simple and effective way to not only clean the skin, but to encourage us to set a bit of time aside for ourselves, even if it is only for five minutes. It can be done as little or as often as you like, but we think it works it’s best in the evening, as a way to relax, unwind and cleanse yourself of the stress of the day.  

Have you tried to oil cleansing method? We’d love to hear what you think..

Georgia MorrisComment