The Law Concerning Animal Testing

We often get asked if we test our products on animals, so we thought we'd write a quick blog on the ins and outs of animal testing in the EU/UK. Since 2013 (in the UK), it has been illegal to manufacture cosmetics that have been tested on animals or to use ingredients that have, at any stage in their development, been tested on animals. This means that you can be sure that cosmetic products manufactured in the UK or EU will be cruelty free.

However, certain countries require by law that imported cosmetic products are tested on animals before they can legally be sold there. That's why we always check the import regulations of the countries we ship to, so that we can be sure that none of our products are used in this way.

At Wild Sage we would never use ingredients that have been tested on animals or test our finished product on animals.

That's why we happily test all our products on ourselves!

Julie WardComment